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Achieving the perfect Christmas hair with Santiago Caparros!

On Christmas morning there is so much excitement that no one wants to be spending hours styling their hair, it’s all about making the most of the day, right? I have selected a variety of festive hair styles to provide you with the perfect inspiration for some quick and easy styling techniques for Christmas day! With your Great Lengths Hair Extensions your hair will already look… AMAZING! These tips will help you to style and accessorise your hair to add that festive touch…



Adding some glitter to your hair is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit without having to spend hours achieving the perfect look. This isn’t just perfect for Christmas day but absolutely ANY festive occasion is in need of someone with glittery locks! Gold, red, green and silver are the colours that I would suggest to achieve the ultimate festive look.



Accessorising your hair takes no time at all and instantly achieves the perfect look for Christmas time. It is also a cheap and cheerful way to really get into the festive spirit! You can buy Christmas hair clips, hair pieces and even hair bands really cheap everywhere in December time! I love this leaves and holly hair piece for some inspiration! (left image).

A classic look

if Christmas accessories aren’t quite your thing then you can achieve a simple but effective classy look with some ribbon! You could go for red ribbon or even black if you really want to keep it simple; it will still add that perfect touch of festive style. I absolutely love this ‘half up, half down’ look with a plait (right image), this is also easily achievable with your Great Lengths Hair Extensions!

glitter 3.jpg


glitter 4.jpg

You can create the perfect Christmas look with a high pony tail and either some transparent elastic bands (left image) or even some red bobbles! You could even tie some ribbon at the end of the ponytail for an even better festive look. This look will give you bauble vibes on Christmas Day!


I hope that you have enjoyed this blog & if you decide to use any of this for Christmas hair inspiration, please feel free to tag me in your photos…

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Autumn hair styling tips with Santiago Caparros

The Autumn season has officially arrived! After a summer of making memories and going on holiday, for most of us, this can damage our hair! What better time to spice things up for autumn? Have a change! So, what are the ultimate autumn hair trends this year?

Hello to the dark and rich!


Darker and richer colour tones are definitely a little more stylish for autumn. For darker hair and brunettes, this look could be to grow out your roots or to simply add a gorgeous ombre of warmer tones or even some balayage. For blondes, why not add some subtle caramel tones throughout your hair? What better way to achieve the perfect Autumn vibe!

Work that ponytail!


There is nothing more stylish than a low ponytail, right? Low pony’s will be everywhere throughout Autumn. They are quick, easy and maintainable in the Autumn breeze! We must also not forget how easily maintainable they are where your hair extensions are concerned!  Whether you want to achieve a casual and messy look or a sleek and sexy vibe, all can be done through the simple but effective low ponytail! Kim Kardashian is known for ALWAYS slaying a sleek and sexy pony (see right photo). There is definitely no better hair styling tip for this Autumn!

Honey, honey!

Honey tones are in this Autumn, warming up your hair colour tones will not only blend in perfectly with the season but it will most definitely make your skin look more glowing and bring out your eye colour amazingly! Achieve a simple yet beautiful look this season with some honey undertones.

A cold brew?

A new hair trend that is becoming increasingly popular especially for those of us with weaves! Ever heard of “cold brew hair”? Well… if you can’t decide between deep browns and warmer, honey, caramel tones, then why not just have a mixture of the two? Think about when mix cream and coffee together… that is exactly what cold brew hair looks like! This Autumn should be all about the coffee browns and the darker tones. They are ALWAYS bound to work a treat throughout this season as they will look just perfect and they are also easily maintainable.

Do you want to switch things up this Autumn? Santiago Caparros offers mobile appointments and works with one of the best hair extension brands in the world and has also been awarded ‘Gold Salon’ status for 7 years and running! For all Great Lengths Hair Extension services in London, contact Santiago Caparros to book your consultation!


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