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Festival hair inspiration

As you have probably seen on my Instagram, I have been posting a lot recently about the best festival hairstyles. With festival season being upon us and Coachella just passed, everyone is wondering how they will have their hair this summer at festivals and ultimately, how can you make your hair look festival ready quickly and easily whilst looking unique? I have some of my top festival hair tips coming your way…

Bubble pigtails

Bubble pigtails.jpg
Bubble pigtails 1.jpg

One of my favourite ways to style hair for festivals is using mini bands to create a bubble effect. This is a simple way to add some style to your look and this will also keep your hair away from your face! Jazz it up with some face glitter, hair glitter and some earrings to complete the look.

Space buns

Space buns.jpg

I think everyone’s favourite at the moment is the simple but effective… space buns! There are so many different ways to style this look. You can spice up the look even more with some glitter hair spray, a new colour and some glitter. This is a look which is easy to style. For long and thick hair this looks amazing with your hair down and two little buns and for those of you with thinner hair who want to add volume to your look, you can tie all of your hair back into buns!  



Similar to with my previous hair styles, adding hair accessories can be a simple way to really spice up your look and ensure that you look festival ready. This could be through using some cool scrunchies, hair clips, glitter, a head scarf (which I am loving at the moment check out my recent Instagram posts!) as well as hair rings! If you want to be completely out there, a flower crown might be the perfect vibe for you, but hair rings are definitely in at the moment and they can add an edge to your look.


Another simple way to style your hair and this works really well if you have hair extensions and usually wear your hair down. So, if you want a change but you still want to show of your long, luscious locks, try plaits or braids! You could even add some hair rings into your plait to finish the look. This is a simple way to add some style, stick to the festival vibe as well as ensure that your hair is looking good all day!

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