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Great Lengths are well known around the world, not only for the huge portfolio of A-list celebrities and elite clientele, but also for the top quality hair, 100% human that looks, feels and behaves just like your own natural locks.

100% Remis strands that face the same direction as natural hair growth, to remain tangle-free. Their secret is the virtually undetectable, comfortable and long lasting attachment that holds the extensions to your hair.

The patented bond is made of a blend of polymers, and the molecular structure is the closest to the keratin existing in the skin, nails and human hair. It reacts to water, chemicals, hot air, etc. the same way as your own natural hair, which means it doesn't damage your hair, although a good professional application and the way the extensions are removed are the most important factor to have in mind when choosing hair extensions. 

Great Lengths are available in a massive rage of colours, so there is always a perfect combination to match your own colour hair. You can achieve endless styles from just volume to the luxurious and glamorous full head of gorgeous long hair.

Everything starts with a consultation, in which we would discuss the look that you want to achieve, what length would be more suitable for your hair and what would be the perfect colour match. We would also discuss the price of the job.

The next step would be order the hair that we need from great lengths head office, and then make the appointment to have the application of your new gorgeous hair extensions.

The application is done with the classic fusion system by great lengths,  in which single strands are attached to your own hair by melting the tip of the extensions, made with a blend of polymers, similar to keratin, creating  a visually undetectable bond.

The application is very simple and clean and the average time is around 2 to 3 hours, depending of the amount of extensions and the complexity of the job. Once the extensions are in place  is time to cutting and styling your new hair.




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